The Backstage Bar in Singapore

It is quite obvious that Singapore will be having vibrant night life arrangements as it is a city which follows a cosmopolitan culture and after a hectic schedule and a hard day one would like to go for a bit of relaxation in the night clubs. Backstage Bar in Singapore is known for its cozy atmosphere and it stands out for its infrastructure and choice of musical tracks that are played and cocktails that are served. Just like other popular bars in Singapore, the Backstage Bar in Singapore is also a gay- owned one. Get engrossed in the light western or jazz music while having a sip of Premium liquor like Bombay Sapphire which is a hot favorite among the gay friends in the Backstage Bar in Singapore.

The musical ambiance is purposely created to suit the mood and temperament of night life by fixing nicely decorated posters from musicals on the walls of the Backstage Bar in Singapore.

The Backstage Bar promotes the most discussed gay culture of Singapore by allowing the smokers to flirt with the passerbys in the bar balcony. The owner of Tantric runs the Backstage bar in Singapore. The Backstage Bar gets unusually crowded on Fridays and Saturdays and so, it is advisable that if you really want to be there on those two days then, rush to get the best possible seat. The Backstage Bar in Singapore is highly popular because of the two basic reasons- the ambiance is hospitable as the staffs are well behaved and the drinks are reasonably priced.

There are other minor reasons like the Backstage bar is centrally located in the heart of Chinatown and thus it is well connected with dozens of gay venues.
It is said that the Backstage Bar in Singapore is happening enough to tempt you to make love connections right at that spot. Check out the address and timings of the bar:
Address: 13A Trenggannu Street, Chinatown, 6227- 1712
Timings: It is opened daily from 7 pm to the wee hours.

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