The Roof Bar in Singapore

One would find a series of bars while walking through the lanes of Singapore. Singapore is indeed a city that thrives on night life and gay culture. And the Roof Bar in Singapore stands out in the midst of countless bars. Let us check out the USPs of the Roof Bar in Singapore:

Location: It is located at 32A Pagoda Street in Chinatown(Singapore). The Roof Bar is very well connected with the major streets of Singapore and thus it is easily accessible and this remarkable location draws an impressive number of visitors to the bar.

View from the bar: As The Roof Bar in Singapore is an open space and it is placed on the roof of a three storey building in the Chinatown District, one can catch a glimpse of the best 360 degree view of Chinatown and the city skyline after sunset from the bar especially when the lights are on.

Prices: The prices of the food and cocktails are pretty reasonable but you need to pay in cash here.

Crowd: The Roof Bar in Singapore is known for its huge crowd that includes locals as well as tourists. Th people also conduct private functions within the bar and for that they need to book the place in advance after seeking the permission of the management.

Achievements: The Roof Bar in Singapore was the only double winner in two categories of the Think magazine readers choice- for the locality and for the best outdoor bar.

It would be unwise to ignore the Roof Bar in Singapore while you are touring as that is the best one when it comes to list the outdoor bars in Singapore.

Just look for the spray painted words "Roof Bar" on the side of the building and get in to have unlimited fun along with the experience of being in the midst of nature.

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