Harry's in Holland Village Singapore

If you are planning a trip to Singapore and you do not have Harry's in Singapore on your itinerary, then you are really missing something! Part of the famous chain of Bar in Singapore, Harry's at Holland Village is a vibrant as Harry's at other parts of the island nation. Holland Village, is well known for its clusters of restaurants, pubs and nightclubs, but the visit to Harry's is set apart from the visit to any other bar in Singapore. The very locale and design of Harry's helps you to look at the life of Holland Village, the Singaporeans and the tourists.

Harry's in Singapore is undoubtedly a favorite with all the tourists and locals, who visit it in large numbers in the evening. The crowd at Harry's adds more color to the nightlife of Singapore. This is a place where you will never get bored. You can enjoy the latest cocktail or any beverage of your choice at the bar with the Classic look. You can take you drink and snacks and relax at the lounge area of the Harry's.

The atmosphere is usually relaxed and laid back where you can savor the taste of your drink after the day of hard work. The bar is well known for the numerous varieties of cocktails and other beverages, hence you can just sit with a friend and talk and drink into the night. Of course, Harry's in Singapore is a place which carries on the tradition of entertaining the visitors with soulful live music, mostly played by local bands but international bands too give performances from time to time at this place. As the bar is famous for its hours of Jazz performance, many Jazz lovers come to Harry's for music alone.

This coupled with the fantastic drink and tasty snacks and friendly atmosphere make Harry's world renowned. You can visit Harry's on any day of the week, as it is opened everyday from Monday to Sundays, with different timings over the weekends as this is the time which draws maximum crowd making Harry's packed.

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