Tango's in Singapore

Singapore is world renowned for its lively nightlife, a glimpse of it is distinctly available in the Holland Village area which is the hub of tourists, locals and expatriates for the numerous restaurants and bars and cafes concentrated in this area. One such oft visited and popular bar and restaurant is Tango's. Tango's in Singapore is quite set apart from the other pubs and cafes in the areas, especially the next door Wala Wala Café. If you are looking for a place to spend a relaxed evening away from the crowd of other cafes in Singapore, then Tango's is the best place to be in. Spacious and well decorated; the Tango's in Singapore provides you the perfect ambience to enjoy some delicious food accompanied by exotic cocktails and other beverages with friends.

This is a place where you can really talk, and this is primarily because of the crowd that visits Tango's. Here you will not find the Teenagers and other expatriates and tourists in casual clothes, but the sight of a little well to do people is quite common. The visit by up-market locals and tourists is the reason that makes Tango's a little more expensive than others, especially Wala Wala.

The décor of the Tango's in Singapore is characterized by the open spaces surrounding the bar which is located centrally. Here you can simply indulge in some of the very tasty food, comprising of snacks and also full course cuisine especially those belonging to Latin America. From bacon to prawn, cheese sausages to others you will get a large variety of tit bits to have.

But how can a Bar and Restaurant thought of without the drinks, cocktails, beer and loads of other beverages? If your preference of drinks is a little strong,then you will definitely love the drinks at Tango's and it is the drinks which draw maximum crowd to this place on the evenings of weekdays and weekends

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