Chinatown Plaza

Chinatown Plaza in Singapore is a cultural hub of Chinese migrants. It is another ethnic quarters bound by Upper Pickering Street, Cantonment Road, New Bridge Road and South Bridge Road, which is a bustling heave of trading activities. The captivating shops selling an assorted variety of antiques, curios and other ornate stuff is sure to dish out something of interest to you. The places of interest in China town are Clark Quay, Pidemco Complex, People's Park centre, and Chinatown point. There are deceiving sights of medical halls selling exotic ingredients, herbs, shrubs, exotic ingredients for ailments.

The cucumbers drying in the streets, fruit sellers squat, fortune teller examining palms, hawkers shouting are the common sighting of the Chinatown in Singapore. Chinatown's Tanjong Pagar area mirrors the essence of true China and houses the handicrafts and artifacts from all over the Asia like teashops, kite makers, painted masks, lacqueware and a lot more.

Then there's Smith Street, Trengganu Street, Temple Street and Pagoda Street, which is chock-a-block, with roars of vendors and peddlers. One with good bargaining skills can believe in quality and quantity at minimal rates. The junction of Cross Street with New Bridge Road and Eu Tong Seng Street is where, uber and posh can shop and is a face of modern China. Decked with big shopping complexes Chinatown Point, Yue Hwa, People's Park Complex and Chinatown Complex; its a one-stop shop for good purchasing at bargain-prices. It offers a wide-range products from luggage, electronic and textile goods to clothes and cosmetics. Chinatown is a complete shopping experience painted in the colors of China!

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