Arab Street

There are several other items such as chiffon and French lace, Thai silk and cottons. Bargains are usual and one can get something in half the price. Silk and batik are extremely famous around.

Most of the shops at Arab Street reflect the Muslim influence. Items such as prayer rugs, skull caps, etc are available for the holy trip to Mecca.

There are other items too such as rattan and pandan leaf goods spilling out onto the pavements; baskets and other cane, straw, everything from baby cradles to floor mats, hanging chairs to serving trays, camel skin bags, pith helmets, tiny cloisonné boxes and miniature sewing kits.

At Jalan Pisang in Arab Street, you will find various types of birthstones and gemstones. There are excellent fabrics in a range of colors and textures.

The Arab Street area is a rich shopping destination that has a wealth of fabric and textile stores, ethnic handicrafts and other items. Silk and batik cloths are also found in plenty.

The Sultan Mosque at Arab Street is one of the most popular tourist attractions. One can enter the mosque if dressed modestly. This mosque was founded in the 1820s while the present structure dates to 1928.

Istana Kampong Gelam is one of the most beautiful palaces of the Sultan that belonged to the 19th century. It has been declared as the Malay Heritage Centre and converted into a museum that opened towards the end of 2004. This museum has relics and treasures that are a reflection of the history, culture and arts of Singapore’s Malay Community. The museum hosts live dance and music shows.

Baghdad Street is indeed a mini-Baghdad. There are several streets within the Arab Street Area. Some of the most delicious food can be found in this area of Baghdad. The street has some of the most popular cafés and eateries. Zam Zam across the Sultan Mosque, Café Samar at the corner of Baghdad and Bussorah streets toss up some mouth-watering Arab food and a belly dancer for company. Many bistros have shishas or hookahs.

Some of the other mosques around are Malabar Muslim Jama-ath mosque and Hajjah Fatimah Mosque which are architectural marvels. The mosque is a blend of Chinese, European and Middle-eastern architectural styles.

Apart from the Arabs, the other communities include Malays, Chinese, Malayalees and Tamilians.

A visit to Arab Street will stir your soul and rev up your aesthetic senses. If you are interested in history and anything that has the touch of the old-world charm, then the Arab Street is the right place for you.

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