Bowling in Singapore

If you like indoor sports and want to indulge in some excitement in Singapore, bowling is a great pastime. One of the most loved indoor sports of Singapore citizens, there are several places in the country which cater to bowling. In the past, bowling was only accessible to a few privileged sections of the society. Now, however, owing to the start of many bowling centers, the sport is open to everybody. At the outset, bowling seems pretty simple. After all, what is the big fuss about rolling a ball to get the ten pins down? Well, if you think so, you must indulge in the sport when you are in Singapore. You will have a change of mind within an hour.

Bowling in Singapore

In Singapore, bowling is more than just a recreational sport. It is a serious sport and there are many serious bowlers of international repute. The sport took on a serious note when Singapore Tenpin Bowling Congress was established in 1963. For the past half a century, the congress has worked relentlessly to improve quality of bowlers in the country and train people with talent and interest in the sport.

For people who want some bowling action in Singapore, the options are several. There are about twenty centers, at least, which cater to the sport. What is more, every one of these twenty centers has ten to thirty bowling lanes. So much is the craze for this sport in the country that bowling alleys start business as early as 9AM. So, even if you visit an alley at mid-morning, you will find a lot of activity and the entire place buzzes with sounds of rolling balls, great music, excited cheer, pins stumbling and people laughing. These centers are open for as long as 2AM.

Here is some more proof of the kind of patronage that this sport enjoys in Singapore. Bowling centers in Marina South Area are open round the clock and round the year. Any time you get a craving to roll the ball and get the pins down, be it at the break of dawn or in the middle of the night, all you have to do is head over to Marina South and you can surely find some awesome excitement.

Bowling centers in the country

Singapore has bowling alleys of different kinds. There are some which are great for families. The best ones in this category are Orchid Bowl and Super Bowl. Everybody is welcome here. Qualified instructors are present in these centers. If you plan to visit during weekends, you will have to make a prior reservation.

League Bowling Centers are specially meant for youth bowling teams who are serious about the sport. Usually, primary and secondary level bowling leagues play here, besides National teams and collegiate teams. League tournaments are hosted here. Best centers and Westwood Bowl, Orchid Bowl and Singapore Sports School.

Planet Bowl and Westwood Bowl have private bowling clubs. Singapore Polytechnic Graduates' Guild offers the sport strictly for members and guests. Chinese Swimming Club has a bowling alley open for students and members. Singapore Sports School also provide special facilities for students and members.

The cost depends on where you play. Most of the clubs charge between S$3 and S$5 for every game. If you also want to rent shoes, you might have to pay extra. Rates vary depending on the time of the day as well.

The current scenario of bowling is a far cry from the earliest bowling scenario which was restricted to American expats in the American Club. The first club for the public was Jackie’s Bowl Orchart, which opened in 1965. After that, a number of bowling centers have come up and bowlers from Singapore are active on the international bowling circuit as well.

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