Theatres in Singapore

The nation of Singapore is never short of entertainment and the Theatres in Singapore are the major source of entertainment that helps

The plays that are performed at the theatres of Singapore, reflect the fact that the citizens of Singapore take active interest in art and culture and the long queue at the front of the ticket counters proves the point that the tourists as well as the local residents of Singapore have a fascination for theater.

The stage performances by the Chinese, Indians and the Malay artists give you an insight into the culture of these communities and the actors who put in their best to win your appreciation deserves your applause.

The Singapore Arts Festival that is held in the month of June invites theater groups from all over the world to showcase their talents. In case you want to catch up with a local theatre group, then you can also opt for the local parks of Singapore, as the local parks witness on a regular basis theatrical performances.

It is recommended to book tickets in advance if you do not want to let go off the opportunity to witness a play at one of the most reputed theatres of Singapore.

Crazy Horse Paris in Singapore

At Singapore if you want to know about the upcoming events regarding theatres, then for this purpose, opt for the local newspapers.

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