Singapore Repertory Theatre

At Singapore, you just cannot opt to miss a visit to the Singapore Repertory Theatre, one of the noted theatres in Asia and it is primarily known all over the world as a English Language Theatre. The chief aim of this theatre in Singapore is to present to the audience of Singapore shows/musical shows that can provide a tough competition to the other theatres of Asia and also to give the young Asian artists who have a knack for acting a proper platform to showcase their talent.

The Singapore Repertory Theatre is the perfect place for the local residents as well as the outsiders who have opted for Singapore for a short trip to witness a West End or a Broadway that reflects or highlights the culture of the nation of Singapore. People in large numbers assemble at this theatre to get enthralled by the stage performance and the performance of the actors would leave you with the desire or arouse in you the desire to buy tickets for another show and after a show gets over you would realize that you have got your penny's worth.

The lighting as well as the sound system of this theatre is bound to take you by surprise and it was privileged in the sense that it was provided with the scope to stage the Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress, in the year 2002 the first musical and this musical was actually an integral part of the opening day of the festival of the Esplanade Theatre. As far as transportation is concerned, to get to this theatre the best option that you could avail at this nation is to rent a car and the cost of renting a car is well within your budget.

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