Singapore Theatre Festival

The Singapore Theatre Festival that was introduced to the common mass of Singapore on the 2nd of August and lasted for 18 days that is, it ended on the 20th of August, in the year 2006.

The credit for the idea related to the Singapore Theatre Festival goes to Ivang Heng, the artistic director of Wild Rice. This idea that is to organize a theatre festival was conceived with the intention to enhance the progress as well as the development of the theatre of this nation and also to provide the young budding artists with the opportunity to prove that they have it in them to make it in the field of acting or at the theatre.

It was also conceptualized with the thought to make aware of the Singaporeans as well as the visitors about the theatre culture of Singapore as well as about the theatre world.

The shows that were presented to the audience of Singapore that comprised of the locals as well as the tourists received huge applause and also won the appreciation of the audience, leaving the audience with the desire for more. During the year, 2006, the Singapore Theatre Festival pulled off nine stage productions. Each of the stage productions had something new to offer to the viewers and was filled with elements of fun.

The stage productions put forth some questions related to identity, politics and nationality. Out of the nine, five plays were World Premieres and these five plays belong to some of the most renowned playwrights.

The five World Premier plays were:
'By The Way' by Ang Gey Pin.
'Eleanor Wong's, 'The Campaign to Confer the Public Service Star on JBJ', directed by Ivan Heng.
Wong Chen Seong's 'Salsa Salsa Salsa!' in collaboration with the Theatre Works Writer's Lab.
'The Silence Of The Kittens' by Ovidia Hu directed by Aidli 'Alin' Mosbit

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