Tourism in Singapore

Singapore has become an acclaimed tourist hub of the world. Many factors have contributed to this including cultural diversity of the country, picturesque landscape, intoxicating mix of tradition and modernity, high standard of living, economic stability, effective law and order management, cleanliness, pollution-free environment despite large urban settlement and industrialization, religious and ethnic tolerance towards all, modern infrastructure and high-end transportation. English is one of Singapore's official languages and is spoken widely.

The colonial past of the island nation contributed to interaction with Chinese, Malay, Arab and Indian ethnicities which enriched its cultural diversity. The state is very clean and environmentally friendly and conserves its natural and historical heritage. The public transport system is robust which covers most, if not all, of the public attractions.
The Orchard Road is dominated by hotels, shopping centers, restaurants and exotic spots and considered the heart of Singapore's tourism.

Singapore is located in south-east Asia at the southern tip of Malay Peninsula. It has earned itself the reputation of being the financial hub of the

continent. The favorable geographical location and investor friendly policies of the government have helped its economy to flourish, which can cause envy even to the many developed western countries. The multi-ethnic population has further helped the country to flourish culturally. But that is not all. The large gathering of people from around the globe has also turned it into a thriving tourist centre of the continent.

In the year 2010 Singapore has received the total volume of 11,638,663 tourists which is almost the double of the total number of people living in this city-state. Several factors have contributed towards the development of the tourism industry in the country. Following is a list of some such facts.

Singapore is an island country with as many as 63 atolls contributing to its landmass. Many of these islands are still not inhabited and have virgin beaches and unspoiled natural beauty to offer.

Singapore is a thriving economic hub and is considered as shoppers’ paradise. The city landscape is dotted with enormous shopping malls and one can find an array of goods and consumer products in these shopping destinations.

As a city Singapore is a beauty to behold. It also happens to be one of the most modern cities in the world.

Multi-ethnic population. Singapore has a population that comprises Chinese, Malay, Indian, Westerners and Arabs. As a result, Singapore enjoys a cosmopolitan culture which is also a great tourist attraction.

Singapore can also boast about its famous cuisine which is influenced by Malay, India and Chinese dishes.

Following is a list of tourist attractions in Singapore

  • The Merlion is considered as the most famous landmark of Singapore and every year it attracts thousands of tourists.
  • The flying fox, the largest specimen of bat can be found at the Pulau Ubin island of Singapore.
  • Singapore also hosts the world's first night zoo, Night Safari.
  • The world's highest man-made waterfall is also situated in Singapore at the Jurong Bird Park.
  • The biggest fountain of the world can be found at Suntec City of Singapore.
  • Singapore's Changi Airport has a steady record of being nominated for ‘The Best Airport In The World’ by the Business Traveller magazine of European edition.
From shopping, to sight seeing, to cruising, Singapore has attractions in store for all types of tourists. If you have plans to visit Singapore on your next vacation following are the activities you may not miss.

Shopping: A tour of Singapore isn’t complete without shopping. Singapore offers large number of shopping malls and stores to satisfy the souls of dedicated shoppers. The Orchard Road district is a famous shopping destination of Singapore. It happens to be the centre of tourism in Singapore. The place is covered with many international standard shopping malls and hotels.

Other popular shopping belts of the nation are,
  • Marina Bay,
  • Bugis Street,
  • Chinatown,
  • Geylang Serai, Kampong Gelam

The Arab Street, Little India and North Bridge Road are other shopping destinations of the country, which offer wide range of fashion, accessories and electronic products to customers.

To attract further tourism the Singapore Tourism Board now organizes annual Great Singapore Sale, which offers discounted and bargain deals to the shopping lovers.

Singapore Island Cruise: Cruising through the atolls of Singapore is fast gaining popularity. Many of these islands have virgin beaches to offer. Their pristine beaches coupled with tropical climate are treats for tourists, vacationers and honeymooners alike.

The two most famous islands of Singapore are St John’s Island and Kusu Island. Tourist attractions of the island of Sentosa include the Fort Siloso, the historical museum of the fort, the Underwater World aquarium and the Tiger Sky Tower from where the entire skyline of the island is visible.

Night safari: Singapore is the first country to introduce the concept of night safari at the open zoo of the nation. Here visitors can enjoy a close encounters with animals from different continents, namely- Asia, Africa, and America. The natural sight seeing also includes a tour of the botanical garden of the country.

Nightlife: Singapore is also famous for its exciting night life. The city has many pubs, bars and restaurants to cater to its diverse tourist base. The two famous centres of night life of Singapore are namely- Boat Quay and Clarke Quay. Both the places are crowded with bars, restaurants, dancing clubs, discos etc.

Transportation in Singapore
The transportation in Singapore is highly organized and efficiently managed. The transportation mainly comprises of land transports. Most places of Singapore, including the islands of Sentosa and Jurong Island, are accessible by roads. The public transportation, which also includes Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system, is the most convenient mode of transport in Singapore.

The country is linked to the other parts of the world through its airports, waterways and by the two bridges that links Singapore to Malaysia.

A tour of Singapore can be an exclusive experience and hence, thousands of tourists flock to the place every year.
  • Presently tourism constitutes 3% of the GDP of the country.
  • The Singapore Tourism Board has the plan to increase the tourism earning of the country to S$30 billion by the year 2015.
  • Hence, we can expect more tourist attractions to come-up in Singapore in the coming days.

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Singapore has a plethora of tourist attractions. Browse the links given below to explore the natural and man-made wonders that Singapore offers.

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