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Located at the southeastern part of Asia, Singapore has a multi-racial society. The multitude of languages spoken in the nation offers a glimpse of the varied culture residing under one single roof, the sky of Singapore. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about languages spoken in Singapore.

English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil are the four official languages of Singapore. Malay is considered to be the national language of the nation while people generally pay a special adherence to English for business and working purposes. It bridges the gap between the people of different ethnic groups residing in Singapore.

The government of Singapore has always encouraged initiatives to promote the global language so that it may help in the development of Singapore and its integration in the Global economy. Singlish is a popular local language and is a dialect of English. Although when heard it sounds to be quite different from the British English or American English.

With the arrival of the British and the establishment of English medium schools in different parts of Singapore, Singlish started to make its origin in the land blessed with mixed culture. The students of Singapore are required to take a mother-tongue class that forms to be an integral part of their curriculum. The students may choose the language of their own that varies from Mandarin, Chinese, Malay, Tamil and Hindi.

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The government to promote the use of Mandarin among the Chinese population has already adopted special measures. The use of Chinese dialects had been declining at a rapid extent and remains confined to the older generation of the Chinese population. Tamil is widely spoken by a large portion of the Indian population. Baba Malay is a popular language among the Peranakans residing on the island. In order to collect more information on demography of Singapore log on to our site focussingapore.

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