Islands and Beaches of Singapore

Singaporeís enticing island landscape is all-time fascination for tour lovers. One of the jewels in the world tourism map, Singapore is visited by many for its island charm. Singapore is known as an island country. The country is surrounded by a vast coast line. This gifts the country with some of the best islands in the world.

The natural and soothing environment of the islands and beaches cool your nerves from tormenting blows of day to day life and give you the ultimate bliss. Many of these islands are l developed in to tourist hot points without losing its natural charm.


The white sandy beaches transform you into a different world, a world untouched by reality or a world that has been spared from the harsh realities of life. These beaches that are set against a natural scenic background have a grace of their own. However it is interesting to note that most of the present beaches of Singapore are artificial beaches, as they have been created out of the edges of the land that were reclaimed only a few years back. You can organize a picnic at the beach or a party at the beach to enrich your golden moments. It is required to mention here that at some of the beaches you can indulge yourself with activities such as, scuba diving, diving, snorkeling and other sporting as well. If you are a good swimmer then you can put your swimming abilities to test at the beaches that allow with the opportunity to swim.


One would wonder when nature had to bless this small country with riches of beauty, there was nothing prettier than Islands and beaches suiting to this part of the earth.

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If you want to spend time in seclusion, off from the hustle and bustle of city life, then there can be nothing more relaxing than an island retreat. On your visit to Singapore, you will find plenty of islands to explore. The Sentosa Island is perhaps the most popular of all and is home to a variety of entertainment and dining choices. On the other hand, if you are in search of a more rugged getaway, then St. Johnís and Pulau Ubin turn out to be great choices. An ideal spot for adventure enthusiasts, here you can try your hands in camping, hiking and mountain biking.

The islands and beaches of Singapore are one of the prominent holiday spots and are frequently visited by tourists. These environmentally green and well maintained beaches are one of the popular outdoor hang spots. Let us now take a look at the famous beaches and islands of Singapore:

Changi Beach Park: One of the prominent coastal parks of Singapore, this beach park makes a good choice for those who want to keep off from their hectic work schedule and spend some days in seclusion. You may also take a walk along the coast which connects the East Coast Park and the Changi Beach. †

East Coast Park: A favorite spot for Singaporeans, East Coast Park is the place where you can indulge in various sports activities. Besides cycling which is considered to be the most enjoyable activity, you can also try your hands on water sports, squash, tennis and golf. The beach is also an ideal hub for those who have come here for a relaxing refuge. The seafood restaurants resided along the beachside serve scrumptious and lip smacking delicacies.

Sentosa Island: A well-known island destination, Sentosa Island is known for its multi-faceted attraction. This beautiful island has been transformed into a huge theme park as well as playground for international tourists and Singaporeans. Besides, the various attractions that lure the tourists, the Underwater World Aquarium and Butterfly Park deserve a special mention. †

St. John's Island: A perfect getaway for those in search of solitude, St. Johnís Island deserves a special mention for its off-beaten treks, impressive lagoon and beautiful beaches. You will also find various coral reefs surrounding the coral waters of the St. Johnís Island. In addition, if you visit the island shores, you will also get an opportunity to watch the sea cucumbers, land hermit crabs as well as white bellied sea eagles. †

Pulau Ubin: Only 15 minutes from Changi Park, a trip to Pulau Ubin will take you back to the yesteryears. The moment you step in, the first thing that would capture your eyes are the old school wooden houses, inhabited by the locals. Though one of the underdeveloped places in the country, you will certainly fall for the refreshing environment. Today, this point of interest has turned out to be a convenient getaway for tourists.

Batam: Located at a distance of twenty kilometers from the south coast of Singapore, Batam serves as a host to some of the unique attractions. Whether you want to visit the Tanah Merah, stop by the Galan or try out sport activities at the Melur Beach, Batam ensures to help you with all possibilities.†

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