Jurong Bird Park Singapore

Singapore is a sought after tourist destination for tourists all over the world. Every year, a large number of tourists flock to Singapore to visit some of the popular places of tourist attractions the island country boasts of. One such tourist attraction in Singapore is the Jurong Bird Park. If bird watching is your favorite activity, then Jurong Bird Park is the place to be.

History of Jurong Bird Park:

The idea of building a bird park in Jurong, Singapore, was for the first time conceived by Dr. Goh Keng Swee (Dr. Goh), the then Finance Minister, in the year 1968.

While in a World Bank Meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Goh had the opportunity of visiting a zoological garden and was mesmerized by the free-flight aviary over there. He felt that Jurong would be an ideal place where the Singaporeans can simply relax in the lap of nature.

Jurong Bird Park Jurong Bird Park Jurong Bird Park

This gave him the idea of setting up the Jurong Bird Park and in December 1968, Jurong Hill’s western slope was selected as the location of Jurong Bird Park. The Bird Park was built at an investment of $3.5 million which excludes the cost of land.

Opening Date of Jurong Bird Park:
Jurong Bird Park was publicly opened in the year 1971 on 3rd January.

Location of Jurong Bird Park: Jurong Bird Park is situated on Jurong hill’s western slope. It covers an area of 20.2 hectares and is an “open-concept park.”

Bird Species at Jurong Bird Park:
Jurong Bird Park, Singapore, has a rich collection of over 8,000 birds of 600 species.

Attractions in Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

Have a look at some of the attractions in Jurong Bird Park, Singapore.

  • Birds n Buddies Show: The famous All Star Bird Show has been renamed as Birds n Buddies Show. This popular show is a collaborative effort with Pieter Grove, an international Las Vegas creative show specialist. The popular bird show comprises new props which stages 13 costumed characters. Each of these characters represents the various birds seen in the park. Some of these costumed characters include Toukie the Toucan, Pedro the Pelican, Vulcan the Vulture, Rocky the Penguin, Cranky the Crow, Pecky the Woodpecker, and the five Macaws called Molly, Polly, Maxine, Messi and Macho. Birds of Prey Show: In this show at Fuji Hawk Walk at Jurong Bird Park, visitors can enjoy a close encounter with some of the ferocious flying predators of nature.

  • African Wetlands Exhibit: Visitors can enjoy the view of different types of African birds as they play and enjoy themselves in the open space. The exhibit features different shows that stimulates the understanding of the natural co-existence of men and birds. Some of the birds include Shoebill, African Crown Crane, Great White Pelican, Saddle-Billed Storks and many more. African Waterfall Aviary: The African Waterfall Aviary is largest walk-in aviary housing over 1,500 free-flying birds from more than 50 species. Visitors may move around in the Panorail. Jurong Falls situated within African Waterfall Aviary is the tallest man-made waterfall across the globe. The various species of birds found here include Turacos, Golden-breasted Starling, Red and Yellow Barbet, Weavers, Parrots, Whydahs, Helmeted Guinea fowls, White-Faced Tree Ducks, Egyptian Geese, South African Crowned Cranes and many more.

  • Flightless Birds: Located in a corner of the zoo, this section is an exhibit of flightless birds including Rheas, Ostriches, Emus and Cassowaries.

  • Southeast Asian Birds Aviary: In this section, visitors can get a glimpse of the greatest collection of Southeast Asian birds, featuring more than 200 species.

  • Lory Loft: The exhibit offers a splendid display of suspended bridges, yellow, blue, rich red and green feathered Lories. Watching the noisy, colorful and bold Lorikeets and Lories flying in flocks is indeed a great fun for the children as well as the adults at Lory Loft.

  • Penguin Expedition: Penguin Expedition is the address of five different species of attractive penguins, namely, the Macaroni, the Humboldt, the Fairy, the Rockhopper and the beautiful King Penguin.

  • World of Darkness: World of Darkness in Jurong Bird Park is the address of about 31 birds, majority of them being owls, belonging to nine different species. Visitors will also come across other birds including Black-crowned Herons, Stone Curlews and Lesser Whistling Ducks.

  • Pelican Cove: At Pelican Cove in Jurong Bird Park, you will get a wonderful collection of seven species of pelicans.

  • Lunch with the Birds: You can have a refreshing view of the stunning Flamingo Lake while enjoying a delightful feast.

  • Panorail: Panorail in Jurong Bird Park is a monorail system within Jurong Bird Park. The monorail system makes use of four cars with sitting capacity. The driver sits in the front car and no one is allowed to stand in the cars.

  • Jungle Jewels: In the Jungle Jewels exhibit at Jurong Bird Park, the nature lovers will be mesmerized by the cascading water, lush vegetation, and different types of small and colorful South American birds.

  Adult Child (3 -12 years old )

Opening Hours : 8:30 am - 6.00 pm (daily) Best time to visit the park would be in the dawn when you can catch most of the birds in their routine acts.

How to reach:
To get to the Jurong BirdPark, visitors would have to take the MRT to Boon Lay MRT Station and transfer Service 194 or 251 from bus interchange.

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