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Leong San Buddhist Temple
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Singapore has evolved today as one of the most popular destinations of the world as far as the vacations are concerned. The chief attractions of this nation are the sky-high buildings, the Singapore River that adds to the beauty of this nation and the historical as well as the architectural buildings that deserve our appreciation and applause.

Regarding the monuments and architecture of Singapore it could be said that there remain a few evidences that prove the fact that there existed most probably during the 1330's buildings or structures that were man made.

If you visit Singapore at present, you would find that it has been graced with numerous buildings, the construction of which dates back to the year 1819, the year or the period, when Sir Stamford Raffles founded the modern Singapore. The modern day buildings that adorn this nation reflects the modern style that has been used to built these buildings or it could be said that it reflects the modern architecture of this flourishing nation. The architectures took the help of the brutalist style to create some of the magnificent buildings of this nation.

The brutalist style (a style that dominated the years from 1950 to 1970) has been primarily used for the construction of the flats that touch the skyline of Singapore. The other buildings that reflect this style are the DBS building, the Temasek Tower, the CPF building, the OCBC Centre (the headquarters of the OCBC bank of this nation), the Singapore Land Tower and a few others.In the late 1980's,Singapore witnessed an emergence of the 'sterile as well as 'stoic' architecture.

The Neoclassic buildings also succeeded in arresting the attention of the locals as well as the tourists, such as the Parkview Square (a commercial building situated in the downtown area) as well as the Parliament House.

Historical Sites in Singapore

Singapore might be just a small island but despite that it provides an extensive and vast variety of options for sightseeing. The rich ethnic and religious diversity of this place ensures that there is a wide range of places and activities to amuse the travelers in Singapore. For history buffs and otherwise one can find several fascinating historical sites in Singapore dating back to the days of the early settlers and colonial rule by the British. Some of the best examples of British architecture during the colonial times are found in Singapore.

Moreover there are several other monuments and memorials dedicated to the heroes of World War II. Thus people who are interested in the historical sites in Singapore would have a great choice to choose from. Here are some of the most renowned and famous historical sites in Singapore.

Cathedral of the Good Shepherd
this is the oldest Roman Catholic church of Singapore. Established in the year 1832, the architecture of this church reminds one of the famous London churches St Martin – in – the – Fields and St Paul’s, Covent Garden.

MacDonald House
built in the year 1949, this building was initially constructed for a bank. Presently it functions as a banking hall and is located in the central business district of Singapore.

Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall
the structure consists of a clock tower and two buildings which are attached by one common corridor. The hall served the purpose of a hospital during the Second World War when Japan invaded Singapore.

Old Ford Motor Factory
the site of the factory occupies a special place in the history of Singapore as it was the same place where the British surrendered to the Japanese forces during the Second World War. Operations in one of the oldest factories of Singapore stopped during this time and resumed again in the year 1947.

Goodwood Park Hotel
established in 1900, this building was used to house only visitors from Germany in Singapore. It was in the year 1929 that Goodwood Park started functioning as a 235 room hotel.

Supreme Court, Old
the old premises of the Supreme Court of Singapore is the last classical piece of architecture built when the country was under the British colonial rule. The government of Singapore has planned an art and culture centre in the Court premises.

Ten Tack Guan Building
this building which is located in the premises of the Singapore General Hospital, is the official building of the Ministry of Health of Singapore.

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station
also known as the Singapore Railway Station or the Keppel Road Railway Station, this site was declared a national monument of the country in April 2011. The station is well known for its intricate architecture.

Masjid Jamae
established in the year 1826, this is one of the oldest Muslim praying sites of Singapore. The mosque was built by the Chulia settlers in Singapore, a group of Tamil Muslims who migrated from the Coromandel Coast in south India.

Saint James Power Station
this is one of the most popular nightlife and music venues of Singapore. In the year 1927, it was built as the first coal fired power plant of the country to supply electricity for industrial, residential and shipping purposes.

Changi Chapel and Museum
The Changi Prison Chapel bears testimony to the memories of the fifty thousand soldiers and civilians, imprisoned by the Japanese troops during the World War II. New chapels have been constructed in replica of the chapels existent during the War. The Museum has records, photographs, and sketches of the prisoners housed here at that time.

Battle Box
Live the experience of Singapore on the fateful morning of 15th February when it fell into the hands of the Japanese. Through audio-visual effects and hi-tech simulations you can actually get a vivid picture of those bygone events. The Bottle Box is placed in the hillside of Fort Canning and was the largest underground command center for the British Malaya Headquarters during the World War II. It is a bombproof complex and consists a long corridor with 22 rooms and the ability to recover its air supply.

Civilian War Memorial
Located in War Memorial Park, Beach Road the Civilian War Memorial was erected as a tribute to all those who died during the Japanese occupation of Singapore during the World War years. On 15th of February every year a special memorial service is held here to remember and revere the martyrs of the war. The four races of Singapore -the Chinese, Malays, Indians and other races are represented by the four vertical pillars rising to a height of 92.5 meters.

Johore Battery
The Johore Battery was discovered only in 1991 by the Singapore Prisons Department. The British built it in 1939 for the emplacement of guns and consists a maze of tunnels used to store ammunition. Before the surrender of the British troops the guns were destroyed and now in place of the three monster guns and the 15-inch shell, replicas have been made.

Kranji War Memorial
The Kranji War Memorial is also a tribute site to the thousands who gave their life in the World War. It is home to the graves of almost four thousand military men and the 12 columns are inscribed with the names of more 24,000 whose bodies were not recovered. During the World War, the Kranji War Memorial was a hospital burial ground, which later was converted into a military cemetery. The first two Presidents of Singapore were also buried here.

Fort Siloso
A window to reminisce the colonial past of Singapore Fort Siloso was opened to the public only in 1975. Built in the 1880s by the British, it is situated at the western tip of Sentosa Island. The Japanese invaders used the Siloso Fort as a concentration camp during the Second World War.

Reflections at Bukit Chandu
A memorial to the death of 1400 soldiers of the Malay Regiment during World War II, this memorial is located in Opium Hill. The galleries detail through photographs, dates, and maps the records of life in the Malaya regiment.

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