Singapore Cruise Liners

The nation/city/island of Singapore is located at the southern tip of the peninsula of Malay. It is the gateway to approximately 140 cities and the Cruise Liners of Singapore have achieved name, fame and recognition.

The Singapore cruise liners offers you with a wide range of options as you can either opt for a cruise tour that would only last for a day or just two days or can go for the cruise tours that covers a whole week depending on your budget and your convenience.

The cruise experience will last forever as there are all the faciliies available in the cruise.The Cruise packages are affordable and can be booked easily from any travel operator.

Make your cruise journey memorable by booking the cruise trip well before time.One can find different cruises to different destinations. There are many options available an dbooking starts approximately 2-3 months before. There are many types of cruises that last for 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 days and so on.One can choose the cruise according to convenience

Stated below are some of the well - known Cruise Liners of Singapore, which are:

Star Cruise
Avail the Star Cruise to make a trip to Singapore or to get to any other destination from Singapore and it is definitely going to be one of the most treasured experiences of your life. It serves Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, China, India, Thailand and Singapore.

The on board facilities that are provided by the on - board staff deserves special mention. The on - board staff makes the best of their efforts to make your journey, a truly exciting one. You can check out the shops that display several kinds of gift items and if you feel the need to satisfy your appetite then just gorge on the delicious mouth catering range of cuisine. As far as recreation is concerned, shows are arranged in the evenings for the entertainment of the passengers and these shows are bound to take you by surprise.

Fantasy Cruises
This charter cruise serves the various islands of Singapore or it could be said that if you want to get to an island of Singapore then you can avail this cruise that would leave no stones unturned to make your journey an unforgettable one.
If you opt for this cruise you would realize it leaves no scope for complains regarding service standard and recreational facilities .You can spend the evenings at the bar or the disco or can just while away your time at the gallery. If you are into fishing or is involved with the activity of diving then you can make use of the fishing and the diving equipments.

The Fantasy Cruises also includes the sea sport equipment.
It also caters to the needs of the passengers and lives up to their expectation as far as entertainment is concerned and also makes arrangements for conferences and business meetings.

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