Singapore Discovery Center

With a noble aim to become a leading 'edutainment', i.e. entertainment along with education group, Discovery Center, Singapore has become an attraction for people from various parts of the world. Located on the grounds of SAFTI Military Institute in the Upper Jurong Road, Discovery Center, Singapore was initially opened with a view to showcasing the history of the Singapore Armed Forces. The center depicts a true picture of the recent history if Singapore, which was under the administrative and cultural influence of a variety of civilization such as; Britain, Japan and Malaysia.

If you want to get acquainted with the history of Singapore the Singapore Discovery Center is the place to be. It was inaugurated in the year 1996 on the 23rd of June and its inauguration was done by Ong Teng Chong (the then President of Singapore).

It is situated at the SAFTI Military Institute. The exhibits of the Singapore Discovery Center are the:

60- seat Motion Stimulator- The seats move in accordance with the image that is depicted on the screen.

Singapore Today - It's a three-storey structure of mirrors and the pictures of the modern day Singapore get reflected on the three walls. It's a must watch.

Milestones- It features a series of events that are fourteen in number and this series highlight the gamorous past of Singapore. You get to view, the fall of Singapore, the formation of the self-government of Singapore, independence of Singapore in the year 1965 on 9th August and the retreat of the British and also the HDB exhibits to the Changi International Airport.

Jwerks Theatre- This state of the art theatre features a screen that is five storeys in height and the THX sound that is of an international standard makes it unique. The first of its kind in South East Asia. See it to believe.

Safe and Happy Home- It includes the audiovisual technique known as the Pepper's Ghost effect to convey to the visitors the tale of defence.

Tourist Information :
Location : 510, Upper Jurong Road,
Singapore 638365
Telephone Number: 6792 6188
Fax Number: 6792 1233
Opening Hours : 9.00 am to 6.00 pm ( Tuesday to Sunday )
Mondays Closed.

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