Top 10 Bars in Singapore

After a hectic day at work, or shopping, or doing households, there is nothing better than a cool cocktail to relax one's mind. BAR is where people get together, sit with their drink, chill, forget worries and set their minds at ease, be it in their own familiar group or a bunch of strangers. Singapore, a popular tourist destination of SouthEast Asia, has many bars with cool and friendly atmosphere which not only traps tourists but also the local people who usually unwind here after work.

More popular amongst the many bars of Singapore are:

1.New Asia Bar: Innovative cocktails, alluring soundscapes and party revelers dancing the night away-perched on the 71st floor, New Asia not only attracts people of Singapore but also gravitates the world. Standing 226m above the ground and offering a bird's eye view, New Asia Bar is dubbed to be amongst the top 50 bars of the world.

2.Loof: The first rooftop bar in Singapore, Loof is a perfect place for one to relax and enjoy their drink under the shining stars. The drink menu serves a variety of cocktails and mocktails. Themed parties are a regular affair in this place. Environment of an urban garden-the amazing ambience of this place makes this place popular amongst the localities and tourists also.

3.Long Bar: With almost all concoctions of alcohol and non alcohol imaginable and the live band performing almost each night, Long Bar continues to attract flocks of people, from in and outside the country. No strict dress code for its guests makes it a very popular place amongst all to chill and hangout though it is slightly overpriced.

4.Eski Bar: A refuge from the sultry heat in Singapore, where you need to bring your own jacket or take an in house one, Eski Bar is an ice bar, where its white interiors add extra touch to the cool atmosphere. With the mercury level showing -16 degrees, the constant pour of liquors helps in keeping you warm.

5.Axis Bar: Breathtaking views over the Marina Bay, Axis is a bar and lounge where you can relax the entire day or night amidst coffees and cocktails. Tapas, snacks, drinks and spectacular views is what keeps people attracted to this place at any hour of the day.

6.Orgo: Eyes capturing view of the Marina Bay and cocktails with a twist makes Orgo different from the other bars of singapore. An experience of the original nightlife in an artistic and unique way, this rooftop bar is designed without any wall and has only glass structures giving a spectacular view of the beautiful surroundings this place has.

7.Paulaner Brauhaus: Singapore's only German restaurant and microbrewery, Paulaner Brauhaus's bravarian atmosphere makes it a memorable experience for the young and the old. Friendly ambience and the Oktoberfest celebrations that continue a month makes this place very popular and successful.

8.The Straits: Setting a new trend of drinking at the middle of the day amidst the views of Singapore harbour, the straits bar is where the beer lovers meet. Along with their craft beer, international lunch buffet is also served.

9.Bar Cocoon: Located in the forbidden city, Bar CoCoon is the ice palace where only vodka is served. This bar is like a bank vault with an icy box that is reinforced inside and has a temperature of -15degree Celsius with opium, silk and antique bed to relax.

10.Timbre@substation: The open air Timbre @Substation has live music played every night. Cool cocktail in the open fresh air along with the soothing live band makes it attractive for alcohol lovers.
These ravishing cocktail bars create a comfortable atmosphere for you to quench your thirst and make your night relaxed and fun filled.

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