Top 10 blogs in Singapore

Blogging is in advanced stage in Singapore, and Singapore blogs are highly professional and reader friendly. Be it, the travel blogs or fashion blogs, these blogs bring the best and most informative content in an interesting and informal manner.

For your information, we have tried to list the top 10 blogs in Singapore. These blogs were awarded the top 10 slots in Singapore blog awards 2012 in the main category. The event was organized by Panasonic and the results were published in , the prominent bilingual interactive web portal, which is owned by Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (SPH).

1. Best music blog Spin or Bin Music dot com: Spin or Bin Music is the all in one blog for latest in the music world. It includes interviews, updates, album reviews, promos and music news from all of ASEAN !

2. Best photography award the long n winding road dot wordpress dot com This blog has been awarded the blog with best photography award. It contains rare, natural and amazing photograohs of the people, places and events experienced by the blogger Kurt Ganapthy. The Long and Winding Road has bagged the award for the Best Photography Blog in arow in 2011 and 2012.

4. Best fashion blog: Valyn Lim is about latest fashion trends. It helps orchestrate the beauty of a female, by providing the best fashion tips and help about choosing the best outfits and buying fashion accessories.

5. Domino's Best Food Blog The name "Bak kut teh" is aFujianorigin which means “pork rib tea”. The meaty ribs of the pork are simmered for hours with lots of pepper, garlic, spices, and medicinal herbs. It is used by the native as a tonic to strengthen the health and otherwise it is also simply savored for its taste.

6. Best Individual Blog FanQH has been nominated as the best individual blog in Singapore. It provides the most interesting content about daily lives and his own perceptions about it. It also features humorous cartoons.

7. Best Travel Blog http://xiaosaujun.blogspot.comThis is the best blog ever in Singapore about travel. It provides you some of the rarest and the best photographs about different destinations in South East Asia along with the tips and description about the best culinary offers. It contains in depth description about the hotels, restaurants and recipes and how to get there and what to enjoy.

8. Best Family Blog Blogger Leonny has been sharing her everyday experiences for the past eight years on "the wacky duo" including motherhood, raising kids, inspirational material and stories on family life. Her blog has won the award of the best family blog in Singapore.

9. Best V-log slash user slash liangjiasun : Among the best video blogs, Liang Jia Sun's v-log on Youtube has been declared as the best V-log in the Panasonic awards for 2012. This V-log is humorous and is all about the blogger's family members' funny moments.

10. Best Online Shopping Blog double-image dot blogspot dot com : This is an overdose of information for the online shopping maniacs. It contains reviews, comments and the best deals available online.

Apart from that Beauty Blog, run by Mary CHias is also worth mentioning among the top blogs in Singapore.

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