Top 10 Clubs in Singapore

How much ever you get wired and virtually connected because of which retail sector may observe a slowdown, but entertainment is one sector which does not see a doom in the near future. That is one reason why Singapore is bustling with clubs, and they are garnering popularity not only within the locals. But are a famous hit even amongst tourists. Let us spot top 10 clubs in Singapore:

1. Zouk :Zouk, the most popular and the oldest club in Singapore winner of title “Best Nightspot Experience” by the tourism of Singapore, plays the finest in modern music and comprises of three venues joined together – lounge, Velvet underground, and Phuture.

2. Zirca :The mega club, Zirca offers a multi-sensorial experience to its horde as it has a fusion of dance with cabaret, and circus shows. Zirca fulfils the expectations of the clubbers who want a fresh and a different way of clubbing and this is the perfect destination whether you wish to drink or get crazy dancing on your toes.

3. Dbl O :This cavernous place offers affordable and premium clubbing experience with an extremely stylish ambiance. There are two small dance floors within the club which play house grooves along with hip-hop and if you are not much into groove-in then you may relax at any of the four bars.

4. Home club : As the name reflects, you will experience a homey atmosphere with mismatched cozy chairs and sofas along with an underground clubbing scene. You can breathe the music in as you get to hear everything from drum n bass to techno sounds and a live band from indie.

5. Insomnia : This club never sleeps, it is said so, since it operates 24/7. It is the first club in Singapore to have a license to work 24 hours. It serves food during the day and plays pop and rock to the packed dance floors at night hence, providing several different options in one place.

6. Acid Bar : Acid bar is a place if you have a taste for live music performances. The fusion of Peranakan-style ambience along with the acoustic sessions featuring jazz, genres of blues, and a touch of percussion attracts people from all corners.

  7. Butter Factory : The Butter Factory club, synonymous with Hip Hop and RnB music, is famous with its artistic and eccentric-looking walls decorated by the local cartoonists and designers. With the diverse crowd of party enthusiasts and scenesters, this club is famous for its wild theme parties too.

8. Dragonfly : The electrified atmosphere at Dragonfly has been entertaining its crowd daily with a bunch of legendary bands, aerialist, dancers, and hits from Chinese pop world. It features a wide array of live music and entertainment with guest performers who presents a variety of mando-pop experience every night.

  9. Rupee Room : The dim lighted modern décor ambience of Rupee Room is completely dedicated to the Indian horde as the Dj spins the hottest Bollywood numbers along with the Bhangra beats. You may relish your dinner at the same place while the rest of the crowd whirls to the tune on the dance floor.

10. Bellini Grande : This awesome irresistible club packs the crowd to boogie to the Vegas-style entertainment and Cuban percussion. It is one among the most popular clubs inSingaporewith a spacious dance floor, international singers, musicians, and dancers.

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