Top 10 Companies in Singapore

Singapore has the second most open economy in the world and some premiere Singapore-based companies have contributed to its success and development. Top 10 companies of Singapore are:

1. Amtek engineering LTD: is one among the largest company which provides end-to-end solutions for precision of metal stamping inSingapore. This company provides services of re-engineering to help its customers improve the manufacturing and the design of the products. The metal parts manufactured by Amtek are used for a wide range of products such as audio-visual equipment, home appliances, electrical switches, automobile parts, and computers.

2. Boustead Singapore Limited: An investment holding company, is a well-positioned company which understands the critical needs of their clients. This investment holding company is recognized as a major support of the economic growth in the private and public sectors by their specialized infrastructure related engineering and Geo-spatial technology.

3. British-American Tobacco (Singapore) Private Limited: The world’s second largest manufacturers and distributors of cigarettes and tobacco products, is globally recognized as a brand which is sold in 180 markets worldwide. This is the only international tobacco group which works with thousands of international farmers to yield the tobacco leaf.

4. C.K. Tang Limited Group: A Singapore-based company, is engaged in retailing, departmental stores, and general merchandising inSingapore andMalaysia. It is also engaged in operations of food catering, beverages, café, retailing of fashion, owning and maintaining property. This company operates its stores under the iconic flagship of TANGS.

5. Frasers Centrepoint Limited: is an investment holding company which has set world-class standards in building quality homes inSingapore as well as overseas. Its quality of choosing locations, striking pricing, constant refinement of products, well-timed sales launches and marketing has strongly attributed to its international success.

6. Cerebos Pacific Limited: is one of the leading companies which are engaged in manufacturing, sales, distribution, and marketing of food and health supplements in Asia Pacific. This Singapore based company is known for producing primarily sauces, salt, coffee, gravies, essence of chicken and related products.

7. City Developments Limited (CDL): Since 1963 CDL is established as one of the biggest landlord ofSingapore and has been a property pioneer in the development of property, hotel ownership and operation, club operation and ownership, rental properties and others.

8. Auric Pacific Group Limited: An investment holding Singapore company, engages in various business segments which include wholesale and distribution, health and cosmetic supplements, fine wines, food manufacturing and retail, food courts, property investment, securities investment, and investment holding segment. Even though the company is based in Singapore, but it has a remarkable presence throughout the Asian countries including Malaysia,Thailand,Indonesia,China, and Hong Kong.

9. Jardine Cycle & Carriage Limited: One of the leading automotive groups in Singapore, is involved in the manufacturing, assembly, retail, distribution, financial services, agribusiness, infrastructure, heavy equipment and mining for Mitsubishi, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Citroen and various other commercial motor vehicles.

10. Capitaland Commercial Limited: One of the largest real estate companies in Asia and United Kingdom, is engaged in hospitality, real estate, and financial services. The company’s hospitality and real estate portfolio include offices, homes, residences, shopping malls, and mixed development in 20 countries.

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