Top 10 festivals in Singapore

Singapore festivals are marked with Dragon boat racing, display of arts, religious rituals, attractive military displays and parades, decorated markets and night bazaar. The top 10 Singapore festivals are as follows:

1.Chinese New Year celebration: Chinese New Year is one of the most popular events in Singapore. The festival lasts for about 15 days starting in the month of January. During this festival, you can enjoy some of the best Chinese delicacies, acrobatic acts, musical programs, colorful dresses, visits to famous temples and lantern decorations in the night bazaar. The other attractions of the lunar Chinese year include the Chingay parade, which is held in Marina Bay.

2. Thaipusam, a Hindu festival : This is also a very strange and exciting Festival in Singapore, which is normally held in the month of February. The colorful and decorated frames are carried during the procession to the temples, and the people exhibit their faith through body piercings.

3. Singapore Arts Festival: This festival is held in the month of May and June and lasts for the whole month depicting the culture, music, dance and arts of Singapore. During this festival, all the open spaces, museums and shopping malls convert into art galleries and theaters and the spaces are thronged by the visitors in the evenings. This is an amazing occasion to revitalize your senses.

4. Visit Temple on Vesak Day:  Singapore's Buddhist tradition comes alive on this day in the month of May, when Buddhist monks meditate and pray in the fragrant Buddhist temples to Mark the birthday of Lord Buddha. If you want to enjoy the Feng Shui layout and chanting session of Buddhists, you should visit the Lian Shan Shuang Lin Buddhist monastery.

5. Singapore River Festivals: Singapore River party is a traditional festival held in the month of June for a whole week. You can enjoy the cocktails, and other delicacies along Boat Quay, where Chinese bumboats participate in the water parade. During the same month, Dragon Boat Festival races are organized in the Marina Bay, when global crews come to participate in it.

6. National Day : National Day is celebrated on ninth of August with patriotic fervor and amazing fireworks. Military marches and acrobatics are conducted during the day, whereas fireworks lit up the sky in the night.

7. The Lantern Festival: Chinatown is the hub of the lantern Festival, where lion dances are performed in the mid-autumn. The pagoda temples and bridges in Jurong in the Chinese Garden are decorated with lanterns and other stuff.

8. Deepavali: Hindu Festival of light, Deepavali is celebrated mainly in little India in the month of October or November. You can see the finest henna artists during the walking tours and enjoy some of the wackiest Indian sweets on this occasion.

9. Christmas :  Christmas is one of the most awaited festivals of Singapore and its hub is Orchard Road. It is marked with decorated trees, and big snow scenes everywhere on the one kilometer stretch of the Orchard Road, with glitzy lights all around. You can take an open top bus ride to enjoy the occasion.

10. Hari Raya : In the month of August and September, this Malay festival is organized around the Arab Street and the Sultan Mosque. You can enjoy some of the local Muslim foods and rainbow colored biscuits in majorly Malay settlements of Gelang Serai in Singapore. You can also watch the festive batik-patterned dresses.

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