Top 10 Best Sweet Treats In Singapore

Singapore is getting sweeter than ever as more of the candy and chocolate stores from all around the globe have traced their path to this land of "Merlion". On this island country you will certainly find the best shops to treat your taste buds and to make your kids go crazy with the smell, sight, sound, touch, and taste of those delicious chocolates and candies.

1. Sticky: This first handmade Australian rock candy store graced the Singapore shores in 2008. It has a variety of hard candy flavors with a whole lot of designs which can be customized according to your taste. To gratify your sugar rush you can grab one of those giant lollipops here and this also makes an ideal gift for your friends and relatives.

2. Yamakawa Super: To experience the exclusive sweets do visit one of these Japanese specialty stores as this is stocked up with numerous types of Japanese products which includes biscuits, chocolates, and ice creams. This store brings you the flavors from all the four seasons of Japansuch as green tea items in summers, strawberry-inspired goodies in winter to early spring.

3. Au Chocolat: This French inspired bistro cum candy store is a perfect place for chocoholics where you will be fascinated by exclusive sugar treats like English cream toffees, sugar necklaces, sherbet bombs, and ice cream gummies. You would be enthralled to watch the delightful chocolate creations being made through a window.

4. M&M’s World:  M&M’s concept store was opened in January 2012 at Changi’s Airport to cater the soft chocolates and apart from the famous candies you will find everything from M&M’s exclusive souvenirs, candy dispensers, travel accessories, and toys. The lounge at the airport offers various interactive games and activities which would certainly make you feel young again.

5. Yi Xin Vegetarian Food: The delicacy of this smooth chocolates including the giant chocolate bars and Hershey’s memorabilia have enchanted this world since decades and it still continues to delight the kids today. You can always step in one of the stores of Hershey’s Chocolate World in Singapore to relish the delicious drops, nuggets, milk chocolate bar, fudge, kisses, and more.

6. The Cocoa Trees: If you are a die hard chocolate lover then this place is definitely for you as it has a wide array of international brands including M&Ms, Toblerone, Droste, The Belgian, Swiss Delice, Hawaiian Host, and many many more. Singapore gives you a chance to relish your favorite bar of chocolates in 17 Cocoa stores and 10 of them can be found in Changi Airport itself. 

7. Candy Empire: Candy Empire offers you with a wide array of treats from all over the world. The shelves of these stores are packed with a large variety of candies, potato crisps, chocolates, jams, and other savory snack from Europe,Australia, and the US.

8. Candylicious: Candylicious, a word that describes itself, stores more than 5,000 kinds of candies and chocolates for the people with a sweet tooth. You can walk through these whimsical stores and pick the most awesome gummy bears, cola bottles, peach rings from the Asia’s largest ‘Pick and Mix’ wall.

9. Biscuit King: Biscuit King will remind you of those imported cookies Danish and they still continue to pack their shelves with old-fashioned rectangular tin packing biscuits. Besides biscuits you can also pick all kinds of preserved fruits and the white rabbit sweets which can definitely serve as a great gift when you get back to your home.

10. Munch Munch: Munch Munch is a newly opened store in March 2012 and promises to satisfy your cravings with alphabet biscuits, roll crackers, flying fish biscuit, satay sticks, and much more which you used to relish in your childhood. You will also find assorted nuts and sweets that you can pick to munch while you have a good look in Singapore.

Disclaimer: The data provided here is based on the facts and research using available sources. As the data is made available on "as is" basis and subject to change anytime. This website shall not be liable for any discrepancy found in the data on our site and actual figures.

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