Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Singapore, though an island country, but it houses major tourist attractions. Singapore is one of the hotspot tourist destinations and the credit goes to reasons other than just geographical advantage, the country boasts of lowest crime rate, and an exceedingly popular inter ethnic culture. Its amiable atmosphere, well connected local transport, tourist friendly laws, also helps in making Singapore a preferred holidaying spot apart from several many tourist attractions. Top 10 of them are as follows:

1.Merlion: Standing 8.6 metres tall and weighing as heavy as 70 tonnes, Merlion the half fish-half lion statuette has become so famous over the years that it has come to be identified as symbol of Singapore. No visit to Singapore is complete unless you have clicked some snaps with Merlion as background.

2.Singapore Zoo: One of the major tourist attractions in Singapore, Singapore zoo is famous for housing some rare species of animals hardly found in any part of the world. You can enjoy the night safari once the sun sets in. Rainforest Kidz world is yet another attraction for kidís to enjoy animal themed carousel and other fun activities.

3. Singapore Botanical Gardens: Itís a small forest located in the middle of the town. Covering approximately64 acres of area, the garden is a full of natural scenic beauty of lush green trees and plants. There is also a swan lake situated near the entrance of the botanical gardens. This garden has a great assemblage of several types of flora and fauna, some species are so rare that they are on the verge of getting extinct.

4. Singapore Flyer: Worldís largest Ferris current with165 meters of height. Located in the marina bay it gives a complete breathtaking view of theSingapore city. It is one of the most exiting places to visit in Singapore for kids and adults alike.

5. Jurong Bird Park: Itís the best place to be visited by bird lovers. 9000 birds of different species reside in the Jurong bird park. There are also many attractions in this bird park such as comical parrot circus and birds of prey in the king of skies show which makes it even more attractive to visit. There is also the largest manmade waterfall which is one of the main highlights of this bird park.

6.Sentosa Islands: Undoubtedly Sentosa islands are Singaporeís main island attraction. There are many tourist attractions which can be spotted here including, Replica of Merlion which is standing 37-metre high. Apart from it other charms are the two golf courses, underwater world, dolphin show,2 km long santosa shelterd beach, parrot show at Butterfly Park, two five star hotels, the songs of the sea displaying pyrotechnic scenes with the help of laser show, burst of flames, live artists performing show, water jets 4-D show, theme park, Universal Studios Singapore etc.

7.Escape Theme Park: It is one of the biggest outdoor theme parks in Singapore. It provides a huge variety of the most exciting and adventurous rides for small kids to grownups.

8.Asian Civilization Museum: One of the highly admired national museums of Singapore located in the Armenian street, this museum provides a profound insight to the cultural heritage of Singapore whose amalgam is the foundation for the multi cultural society in Singapore.

9.Singapore Flight Experience: One can get an amazing lifetime experience of flying boeing737-800NG aircraft which is one of the most successful and popular aircrafts in the world with Singapore Flight Experience.

10.Singapore Science City: This science city has some unique technology directed interactive rides which help youth to understand science technology with much greater interest. It has above 850 interactive rides which is a wide range of fun n learning for new generation and helps in creating interest in the field of science.

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